Global Management Foundation (GMF) Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2005 with the established aim of enabling Nepali students to receive quality and affordable education from any university of their choice, anywhere in the world. GMF is dedicated to delivering an invaluable learning experience for our students and empowering them with the personal and professional knowledge, abilities, and competence required to produce capable and outstanding resources in a globally competitive environment.



Our guidance can enable your success. Whether you’re planning a trip abroad or managing a project from afar, we offer tools and support to help you reach your international goals. Because it’s not just about where you’re going, it’s how you get there.

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Why Study In Abroad

With science and technology, the modern world has not only become smaller, but more accessible to everyone. No geographical boundary or border can stop you from studying at the University of your Choice. With the opportunity for international education more accessible than ever, more and more Nepalese students are looking outwards.
After completing studies in the best schools, campuses and universities, it is the desire of every person to gain the knowledge, skills and competence to be able to take on global opportunities, and to enrich themselves personally and professionally by engaging with the world, its culture and people.










With the growing desire of today's students to study abroad, GMF is focused on providing quality language classes, test preparation support and authentic counselling to meet your needs.

Language Class

Language itself is a bridge that connects the world, a way to connect with other cultures, societies and communities. It is not just a window into the world but also a valuable skill that opens the door for many opportunities. GMF believes that it isthe right choice for you, as our language classes are taught by native trainers who have gained competence in a professional life under the guidance of native trainers. We have highly effective Japanese Language class run by professionals.

Test Preparation

The best universities of the world have set the standards of certain tests to accurately measure language proficiency. Demonstrating your excellenceis the first step to getting an opportunity in that institution.
Test Preparation is not only about knowledge but also skill, tactics, strategy, perceptive power, discipline, time and presentation.Under our trainers who have been active in this field for decades, you can reveal your potential and be determined to succeed. We conduct JLPT, NAT, IELTS, TOFEL and PTE preparation classes.


Studying abroad is not only related to the education of a person but also the financial investment made by them and theirfamily, the time and effort of the student and their life commitments. Studying abroad is not an easy matter, so providing appropriate and sensitive counselling is as vital to you as it is to us. 
After coming to us, we will work closely with you when searching for universities and provide consultation and counselling with special consideration of your financial situation, ability, interest and attitude. Global is definitely the right choice for you.
In order to support the common interest, request and trust of our students and parents, we have decided to expand our services for those seeking to study in the best universities in theAustralia,UK, USA and EUROPE on the occasion of our 18th annual celebration.

Document Screenings and Counseling services

Academic documents are not sufficient to get the visa from concerned officers. All the visa authorities have made the certain criteria for the applicants. They evaluate the student's academic, financial and other sentimental situation to issue the visas. Proper documents only lead to the successful visa. Our team of experts is regularly updated about the recent rules and criteria of the visa authority. 

Visa Application Support

Filing the visa application is also a job of a professional. You might have experienced many instances when either you or your acquainted one’s visa being rejected on the ground of lack of proper skill of visa application. Here, at GMF, we ensure professional service providers take care of it in a skilled manner. 

Pre-Departure Information and Support

Finally, pre-departure information is yet another most important part before you fly abroad to make your dream come true. We will arrange the program of catering the information of the concerned country, cities, rules and regulation, environment and culture including other basic information. Our best efforts are laid to ensure that you face the least difficulty in the alien land.