Welcome to Global Management Foundation

Since its established in 2005 AD, Global Management Foundation (GMF) has been working relentlessly to fulfill the dreams of thousands of Nepalese students who wish to pursue higher education abroad. In its early years, GMF focused on Japan education and established itself as a leading consultancy preparing and ensuring study visa of more than 2000 students for Japan alone. In GMF boasts on its effective system of Japanese language preparation classes and dedicated team involved in visa documentation for this tremendous success. With continual trust and support of the valued students and parents/guardians, GMF now extends its services to students who aspire to study in the best universities of USA, Australia and UK.

Apart from Japanese language tests (JITKO, JLP) preparation classes, GMF runs now onwards effective IELTS/TOEFL/PTE preparation classes in digitally equipped classrooms under the guidance of acclaimed test preparation faculties. Every student who visits GMF experiences the difference, which ultimately makes difference in test results and the university he or she chooses for higher studies.

Future Prospects

Education achieved in Japan is recognized and valid worldwide. Students can also look for prestigious job in Japan . There is no disparity of color, cast , nationalities, ethnicity and any. Society is crime free and they give high honor to the working culture and hard-working people. Health facilities are world ranked. Nepalese students can use the facilities too. You will definitely feel proud for having chosen Japan as your destination for abroad educati on.


Foreign students are highly appreciated and are encouraged to study and settle in Japan. There is no disparity in the wages and facilities between foreigners and nati ves. Students can register in insurance and enjoy the faciliti es.


Japanese people mostly speak Japanese language. New environment and working culture sometimes makes you bore and frustrate, as we are brought up in easy going society and culture . So you need to have the proficiency in language. The culture is also completely new for us.

Frequently you will experience the earthquake but since it is acommon phenomenon, they have managed every way out to cope up with it. You need not have to be worried .


Many Nepalese students have got PR and are living in Japan with all the facilities like the nati ves. There are lots of opportunities but you need to have patience, devotion and education to get there . You can easily settle in Japan, should you follow every system in Japan and struggle tirelessly in life.

Message from Managing Director

Education opens up innumerable gates of opportunities in home and abroad. The degree and the skills earned in the universities abroad determine the remaining course of personal and professional life of a person. Therefore, the trend of pursuing higher education in the colleges and universities of Japan, Australia, UK, USA, New Zeeland and many other European countries is mounting at present. The quality education, job opportunity and independent life style have always been major attractions for students. Based on these facts, GMF was established in the year 2005 AD in order to address the growing demand and requirements of students seeking overseas education. Since its inception, GMF has been striving for satisfying students in two major areas of abroad studies: Language Test preparation and Visa processing. With commendable success in the both areas of preparing students for higher studies, GMF at present stands tall among the educational consultancies in Nepal in a very short period of time because of its dedicated team and management, test preparation faculties and experienced consultants on abroad studies.

GMF is committed and always ready to facilitate in any needs of students for overseas studies, immigration and test preparation. Our GMF Team makes you experience your worth being here at the first step towards your higher studies in abroad. Clarity in information, honesty at work and sincerity in relationship are some guiding values at GMF to excel our efforts to ensure your admission at universities of your choice.

Remember choice is not random, it is designed. I am looking forward to welcoming you all at Global Management Foundation. Thank you!

Narayan Prasad Sapkota
(M.A. English, T.U.)

Managing Director